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A review | 6 moonlight Yazhan everyone did not pay attention to the highlights

In June 12th twentieth Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has the perfect curtain Dadson with unique style show exhibition, display of products and find everything fresh and new fine product process, obtained in this exhibition of high popularity, and get full of good results, the spoils.

The first day, a colorful activities, bursting with popularity, many visitor companies have to stay a step, exchanges and consultation work. Too busy to stop......

Wow, looks like a charm infinite, TVS also to interview, was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. Learned from the interview with the Dadson Guangya Exhibition has to enter the field of commercial lighting, mainly agricultural lighting, industrial lighting, high-end commercial lighting three blocks, at the same time also launched a new brand - India show.

This plant lighting is very good popularity, regardless of the appearance and internal hardware is indeed very good, can be said to be in the light of the exhibition is more eye-catching products. The Dadson colleagues from all over the show business to carry out an in-depth discussion and exchange, a praise for products, makes the Dadson strength and products are subject to the There was no parallel in history. identity.

LED par Dasen have rich color effect, color mixing effect in the Guangya Exhibition because of its superior quality and excellent performance attracted the attention of many of the exhibition business.

This is a Dadson track lights can be flexibly applied in the fashion department stores, chain stores, supermarkets and other commercial establishments.

In general, the Dadson Guangya Exhibition launched a variety of new LED and scene display, has been covering the needs of industry and agriculture, fresh, hotel lighting, fusion real show, let the customer experience better professional lighting lamps.

Although the light show has ended, but Dassen will continue to focus on the LED lighting industry, to create a brilliant and brilliant LED lighting world, for China to make its due contribution. And adhering to the "responsibility, integrity, Thanksgiving" concept, good quality and service, customer feedback, social. Following the needs of the market, and strive to lead the industry trend, to bring customers more advanced lighting solutions.

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