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The four beams of light shine in May flower bar

The May flower bar in the domestic entertainment industry is the old enterprises, and enjoy the culture club benchmarking enterprise title, became a leader in the northern region of the club brand. The May flower bar (Changchun shop) not only has a unique club culture, more heavily to build a gorgeous visual experience, selection of high-quality white strip lighting, a single Magik Par series, the magic lamp, creating a stunning lighting effects with shock, brilliant light effect, to show the magic light SHOW.


Changchun May flower bar scene in addition to drinking beer feel smooth cool, passionate light also let visitors taste rich Carnival atmosphere. Strong beam and the dream of the lighting effect, detonated the enthusiasm of tourists, become the focus of the field of vision.

Changchun May flower bar on both sides of the stage with a single white light strip head light, this light with 4 10W white LED with high brightness, and has a 3 degree ultra narrow beam, 55CM large range of rotation, can still cast a strong beam in the light screen background light output so that they can create extraordinary the bright white light beam, lit the night of passion.

In the mechanical design, this light also follow the characteristics of Dassen light sensitive, head rotation smooth, can realize the single axis X stepless rotation, easy to create a very dynamic visual light, more light division provides angle, light flexible switch, to protect the operators of the freedom of creation.

A Magik Par series of magical par light by red green blue white yellow five combined RGBWA lamp, 54*3 lamp, commonly used on the market than the monochrome beads have better color mixing effect. With the Changchun May flower bar central luxury style perfect combination of color, colorful and light, as Changchun May flower bar shaping a good atmosphere, and the whole community to create stunning visual sense.

The surging dance fully integrated into the high-end fashion elements, and stunning dazzling light perfect bloom bar dynamic colors for each you send up the trendsetter, enjoy the night.

Dazzle beautiful gorgeous dance performances, top light, gorgeous stage, borderless music exciting party frenzy, let the passion play with wonderful audio-visual pleasure counterparts. No matter what tourists are nationality, gender and occupation background, can at the moment to abandon all chains, together with brilliant light crazy dance, be like "wild city" of the party atmosphere, feel the "flying" most incisive passion!

As a high-end brand of professional lighting industry, has been committed to providing a professional lighting application products of top quality. The future will continue to focus on LED, a lighting industry, create brilliant LED lights the world, I believe we will let you shine at the moment!

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